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Creative Direction | Graphic Design | Motion Graphic

The common thought that might pop up in most audiences' minds when they first heard of the topic would be something bizarre, thrilling, or dark and mysterious, but what if it turns to an opposite direction?  What if these "dead threads" are illustrated with some bright and funky images? 


When having received the brief, my ultimate goal for the final outcome is to create a really memorable infographic video. Therefore, with this theme about space dangers, I wanted to express the information from a different perspective - a little kid's perspective. As the result, the visual style applied for this video is childish and playful demonstrated under a “paper puppet” illustration with a “rough-edged” style of drawing and colorful palette.


By applying the knowledge of fundamental design principles and motion design principles, I was required to create a visually compelling and engaging infographic video that has a unique concept, delivering 8 facts about the chosen subject - Space Tourism. 


Digital Asset
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