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Very exciting to have you here! Call me however you want with the options above,
but here are a few things about me... 

I was born in Ho Chi Minh city, then moved to Melbourne in 2020. Having two homes is a blessing but also a bit of a "curse" because when I'm in one place, I really miss the other. 


[Anyway, about me and design]

3 words, I would say: people. play. purpose

  • As a designer, I put my user in the centre; but at the same, as I team member of an organisation, I respect and trust the people I work with. Both sides are always brought along my craft journey, guiding my decisions and driving my ownership to achieve the product's goals.

  • Ideally, I like to approach a design problem differently every time, find a lean but effective way to define and explore different solutions that are not just some pretty pieces of pixels. 

  • That comes to the last point, purpose. I feel motivated when the work can create an impact, be flexible enough to adapt to the scope and timeline, as well as be designed to scale and reuse. 

[On another note, about me outside of design]

I love to go out, travel and experience various cuisine with my friends (my weekly visual stand-ups with the design team at REA are pretty much food images🤗), but I also enjoy spending time on my own listening to music and browsing through some random local stores or art galleries.









Digital product design

UI/UX design

UX research

Brand identity 

Creative direction



Want to know more about me or my work?


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