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Creative Direction | Graphic Design 

Bloom - a beautiful process of becoming. 

As I entered my first year of university, somewhere in my mind and heart was still lingering to the beautiful memories of a carefree, energetic and rebellious high school girl in her blooming era. Therefore, I wanted to created this brochure as a way to recap those nostalgic scenes and treasure all the ups and downs of different stories. To me, "Bloom" is not only a brochure but also a diary to finalize a chapter of my life, just so I can move on to another page with new adventures. 

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By applying the principles in graphic design, I was required to create a twenty-page catalogue of ten ideas from a specific subject that I wanted to exhibit. The content of the brochure should be able to demonstrate an effective use of visual language consisting of creation and management of styles, positive and negative, typography and illustration. 


The chosen theme for my brochure is about ten Vietnamese high school uniforms for girl as the girl’s uniform has more diverse and distinguished characteristics than the boy’s one. Taking after the Memphis conceptual style, "Bloom" brochure experimenting on combining realistics and abstract visual elements as the photos of the models were designed with real flowers relating to Vietnam’s school and digital-drawn leaves placed around them, together with various geometric shapes to deliver the playful and energetic spirit of youth in the “blooming” era. In order to fulfilling that feeling of cheerfulness and enhance the visual aesthetics, I choose to use the candy pastel color palette consisting of blue, pink, yellow, purple and green across supporting graphic elements and typography. 

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