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Creative Coding | Interactive Design

Based on the lyrics of the song “4 o’clock” of V and RM from BTS, I created this interactive website as a visualisation of beautiful memories and the grateful attitude of the artist toward a friendship conveyed through the musical piece. From the cover of the single, the story behind the song and the slow melody, I feel something very gentle and soft, especially the part that I pick out, it opens a painting of an emotional night when the artist looks at the sky, thinks of his soulmate and appreciates the fact that he had met him in my mind. For this reason, the main idea for this design is to demonstrate that night image through the view of a park underneath the shining stars and moonlight, as well as expressing the nostalgic and sentimental feelings. The project was an interactive design using HTML, CSS and Javascript to play with the typography composition and form an experimental user experience.  

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