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Brand Identity | Graphic Design

"Sentimentalist" is a personal project visualizing Gemma Co's identity, using visual craft and language to express the characteristic that most resonates with the creator and tell her story - "The story of the Sun Child". The concept of this pictogram logo is influenced by a combination of minimalism and Bauhaus movements, bringing together the mixture of simple and abstract impressions to convey the complex emotions of the theme.

The main component of this logo is a customized modern sans-serif typeface inspired by the curvy shape of a spiritual window often seen to be containing astrological graphics such as the moon, stars, gods, and here, in Gemma’s perspective, they are shapes of her muse - the sun at different times of the day, from early rising to its peak burning, then golden afternoon set, and finally disappeared, leaving only a single stroke of light as a sign of transition connecting day and night. Each shape is paired with a specific letter and line of the word “Sen-ti-men-ta-list”, together with an extended half-rounded window line frame to elevate the contemporary look that matches the typeface.

business card

In order to express the conceptual ideas more clearly, the blue and orange colors are introduced to the visual to represent the literal meaning - the sky and sun, but in deeper shades to deliver the symbolic message - the sentimental feelings. According to research, blue indicates the depths of the human psyche and delivers such sensitivities consisting of serenity and lingering sadness, yet, not passion which is the other unparalleled side of Gemma. Therefore, with the support of orange, the collection of desired feelings that she wanted to transfer is completed.


This complementary palette speaks the opposite characteristics of Gemma which fuse with the blue of nostalgia, introversion, and the burning orange of enthusiasm, flamboyance. Additionally, instead of using yellow, she chose to have the image of the sun in orange to emphasize the moment it sets and shifts to nighttime, powerfully impacting the feelings and thoughts brought by the blue color. In general, though being contrary to each other, the two colors are actually supportive and connective in both visual and message, painting the personalities of a Gemini.    

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Sentimentalist moodboard
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