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SIGHT - Drawing through the eyes

Emerging Digital Cultures | Product Design | Research and Analysis

At the moment when people lose their ways in the busy modern era, a photo or a video is one of the best lights to shine their way back as it is a tool treasuring memories visually and permanently. For this reason, it is undeniable that the camera has been the most reliable technology accompanying each of us on every path of life to take photos or videos and build up “memory land”. However, not everything seen by the eyes can be fully reflected on cameras. Therefore, “Sight” will be the new innovation that would bring a significant twist to the photography industry, capturing anything witnessed by the eyes.


Based on the understanding of existing emerging digital culture which in my case, the evolving technology of capturing images and videos among multiple social media platforms like Instgram, Snapchat and TikTok, I was required to research and develop my own innovative digital design fiction. The final deliverables consist of a concept document and presentation that shows a significant amount of research, analysis, aesthetic communication, critical thinking and reflection on my personal design fiction development.


The idea of “Sight” is directly reflected through its name and tagline which is “Drawing through the eyes”. As few people have known, the word “photography” factually means “drawing the light”, in the meantime, also conveys the process of creating a photo which basically consists of two distinct sciences: optics, representing the first step of “drawing”, particularly the convergence of light rays to produce an image; and chemistry, the following step of “drawing” the image permanently onto a photosensitive (light-sensitive) surface. With “Sight”, these “drawing” stages are generated directly through the eyes instead of the normal physical lenses of the camera, and the outcomes will reflect as realistically as what has been witnessed.


Moreover, the name “Sight” offers the meaning of vision and experience, which expresses the goal that is aimed to encourage its users to escape four boring walls, put down their phones, head out to explore and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, as well as fully living every moment. 

In addition, “Sight” also inherits the concept of treasuring and sharing of both camera and smartphone by applying emerging storage technology - holographic storage - that offers high storage density, long-term media stability and reliability, so as portability allowing such dense data like the high-definition video to be conveniently distributed. Images and videos taken can also be exported immediately to other digital devices through Bluetooth mode.

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