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Loopy Loops is a university project partnered with an industry client - ISPT, providing a digital design solution for certain rising problems and challenges in customers' retail experience using the structure from a third-party developer - SpaceCube. This project is a result of two junior UX designers from RMIT, working together for two months to establish the final concept that was presented and got picked for the top 3 ideas which would be discussed with the final panels including ISPT, SpaceCube, and Tutch.


Chelsea Hendra

Chelsea Hendra_Gemma Co_A4 (5).png

Loopy Loops

"Due to the pandemic, shopping centers have seen a decline in visiting rates and dwelling times in their retail spaces. More than ever, there now lacks a sense of community and togetherness in public spaces, causing the feeling of isolation and disconnection.

As digital designers, how can we increase community engagement and dwelling times in retail spaces in a post-pandemic setting?"

Inclusive Design Studio - PPT Model

Through the video, we hope to convey our project's core value in community engagement, specifically the positive change in atmosphere on account of the pleasant musical composition and outstanding lighting system produced by the swings, bringing cheerfulness and connection to any sites where Loopy Loops is installed.


The purpose of the choice of overlay doodles inspired by the Collage visual style is to emphasize the change in environment when the swings are in function, from normal empty spaces to a musical playground full of laughter which was described as a "new age playground" by the panels after our presentation. 


“We want to make people understand that it is about more than shopping for us and more about bringing people back together.”


In order to summarize the design challenges into one brief, we had a discussion session with our partner ISPT from whom we listened to the problems due to the changes of retail experience in the new-norm world. After the session, we used a model called "People, Places and Things" (image above) to break down the given context, brainstorm possible solutions and clarify our vision.


Concept poster-02

Throughout the process of developing our concept, an "Engagement Matrix" and "Values and Impacts Proposition" models were applied to help us clarify our values and impacts in addition to the "People, Places and Things" model above. Furthermore, to develop a defined direction for our prototype content and flow, we also created a "Customer Journey" going through each stage of the entire experience.

Inclusive Design Studio - Engagement matrix (2)
Inclusive Design Studio - Value an dImpact Proposition Model (1)

The main focus of the video's deliverable is to raise the audience's engagement through clearly defined visuals, sound and narrative. Due to the limitation of time, we only had three weeks to finish the video, prepare for the pitching session with ISPT and document our case study. Therefore, we worked in parallel and supported each other throughout the process.

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 3.12.03 PM
Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 3.13.47 PM

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