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Construct Kit (design system), Property Owner in Consumer, Marketing, Braze, Enquiries, FinX, Ignite

In the property owner journey, getting an appraisal from an agent or agency is one of the initial steps to connect two parties (consumer and customer). Hence, the existing leads appraisal form doesn't collect enough information about the owner and their property, nor does it have a successful conversion rate (~17%).

Therefore, by consolidating this form, the Agency Marketplace team can build a stronger foundation with data to experiment and evolve to become a digital concierge for both user groups to establish and nurture meaningful interactions.


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Product perspective:

  • A two-steps form but has low conversion rate

  • Multiple entry points with different labels

  • Outdated system and component

Customer perspective:

  • Doesn't have enough information to action the next steps of providing their service to the owners

  • Need to take time and effort to visit the owner's property in person

Consumer perspective:

  • Willing to provide information but concern about data privacy and protection

  • Not sure what an appraisal is, why certain information is required and how their data will be used

Current experience
Current experience-1
Current experience-2
Current experience-3
How can we tell the story through the experience?

The initial form with two parts "About you" and "About your property" was a good start for us to slice the questions into smaller chapters "Property details", "Appraisal details", "Contact details" and "Review and send".

How might the steps be tailored to each entry point?

We have multiple entry points, but the ones that drive traffics are from Agent/Agency Profile pages and Property Owner Dashboard.

How can we optimise for logged-in user?

Pre-filling, so as to reduce friction from form completion as much as possible.

Part 1: Optimise the flow​
Part 2: Enhance content and visual

After a week of release, we have some results tracked:

  • Over 1700 leads

  • Highest rate of 248 leads per day (79% more than before launching)

  • Hence, 192 leads per day on an average daily rate (4 leads lower than before)

Our goal was to lay a foundation to evolve, so with these results looking promising and the backend being updated to the latest system, the team was more confident to set up experiments and continue to enhance the experience for better results.

This work was a big team effort. I got to collaborate with talented design leaders from customer and consumer to learn about form principles, explore more deeply about native app navigation and different use cases with the tech teams, as well as have valuable jams with other designers to shape the flow and components.

Property Management Workflow Imrpovements

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