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Property Management Workflow Improvements


Product manager

Developers team

Delivery leaders


Rent Customer team

Cross-functional teams

William Siebuhr

Rent Alchemist Team 

Puja Jain, Chris Bond

Lucy Xie

Mel Casey, Johnathon Deniz, Aaron Wischusen, Sayanti Sarkar,

Rebecca Lee


Rent Consumer, Ignite platform, Agency Service designer, Martketing, Customer Primes and Specialists

Property management customers (aka rent customers) use Rental Applications in Ignite (RAII) as one of the day-to-day tools, especially to process rental applications coming from


After a few years of development with multiple feature releases, the core experience of RAII which is the Applications List page needs to be improved on both the interface and functionalities in order to increase feature adoption and to help our customers achieve their jobs to be done more easily and efficiently.


Customer Interview

(discovery & concept testing)

Internal Audit

Competitor Landscape

Interface Design


3 Design Reviews

Support Delivery (BAT, bug bash)






Product perspective:

  • Low engagement on features including filters, checklist, shortlist, notes

  • Increase on churn rate

  • Low marketshare

Customer perspective:

  • Hard to assess and sort applications at first glance due to lack of key information, repetitive data and misaligned information 

  • Unaware of certain features

  • Difficult to understand a joint application summary on certain informations including total income, pets, other occupants etc.

Old experience
If we surface the key application information at the right time and the features to perform core tasks with less clicks, then customers can find a suitable tenant faster and easier, because we know that processing applications is the most time consuming part of leasing and the current experience - having to go through 3 pages deep, is not helping them achieve this JTBD seamlessly.

The deliverables of this initiative include:

  • Uplift the UI to be consistent to the new Ignite platform information architecture

  • Enhance the hierarchy of information

  • Add new data for reference status and the Notes feature

  • Improve Notes UI/UX


Application card
Table header

With these improvements, our team is looking forward to achieve:

  • Faster time to approve or decline an application, this also means consumers (applicants) can receive a response from property managers sooner

  • Higher customer satisfaction and engagement score with the product

  • Reduced churn rate

There were two highlights during the time I worked on this initiative:

  1. The first time running discovery interviews and concept testing with customers. Before this, I had only been supporting with taking notes and synth research, and working on the sales agents side. Therefore, it was such a great opportunity to own the end to end product design process and learn about the rent side of the business.

Workflow Improvements User Test - Research brief
Synth 1
Structure IA

2. Design jam with other designers to unpack platform's opportunities. As I worked on the visual of the Applications List page, I created a vision for the page's listing header which is a component shared across other federating teams (sales, developer, commercial) and the drawer component for Notes improvement that can also be reused in other teams' products. As a result, not only did I learn about rent, but I also got a hint of other customer marketplace.

Listing header jam_edited
Drawer component jam_edited
Iteration 1_edited
Iteration 2_edited
Iteration 3_edited

Owner Lead Capture

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