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TEDxRMIT Season 4 took place in November 2019 and was proudly organized by a group of students from RMIT University Vietnam who worked together for over four months of planning and preparing. The general theme of the talk is about developing one's inner self from identifying who you are to learning to love yourself, to being a better you, and finally, to sharing your values and inspiring those around you.


Tiep Nguyen - Han Hong - Loc Le - Myn Nguyen - Kien Phan - Ngoc Nguyen -

Minh Tran - Trang Do - Khanh Tram - Dieu Khoa - Nhi Pham - Vi An - Nhan Le - Cuc Phuong

TEDx cover.png

Your Life Inside A Cup

Taking the most relatable image of the young generation - a cup of milk tea, that process of growing is demonstrated through the four main ingredients: 

"Tea" - Finding your true self. 

“Tea” has various types: Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, yellow tea… And each of us is in favor of one kind and we also need to know that not all of the people like the same tea as us.

"Milk" - Embracing your flaws.

What kind of "Milk Tea" without "Milk"? The ingredient is the same as the unexpected things, accidents might happen in our lives, which we can’t change or avoid. The only thing we can do is accept the truth, take a deep breath, keep calm and figure a way to move on.

"Sugar" - Becoming a better you.

“Sugar” helps make your cup of milk tea sweeter but depends on each person that they decided on the amount of sugar they want. It is the same with how we improve ourselves, the more effort we put in the sweeter life would be.

"Toppings" - Spreading your vibes.

“Topping” has different types and we people also inspire others in many forms and ways. But some people choose to deal with only their lives so they can make a “Milk Tea Cup” without “Topping” and that will be totally fine. But with just a little add-on, your Life’s Cup can be much tasty and unique.

Based on the core value of self-development, the key visual was created with an emphasis on the letter "I" representing the human, me, myself; combined with the pink water drop in the back to express the blooming process of growing and painting one's color onto the everyday life canvas.

TEDx cover
bottle mockup
tag mockup

During the preparation stage, I was also responsible for building the event flow, particularly creating a storyline following the whole audience journey starting from the moment they arrived at the venue till the end of the show. As a result, the macro theme was made based on a train journey starting from the "Drink N Think" station, going through three stops - "The City of Tea", "Sugar-Covered Street", "The Damp Milky Wood" - representing the stages of becoming, then finally reached the final destination - "The Top-ping Spirit Restaurant" in order to get the secret recipe for growing one's inner self.


On-event day, the theme was developed into a detailed MC script with supporting visual elements including a ticket and merchandise package for the onboarding part, together with stage visuals for the ongoing part. In addition, to put an influencing ending for this journey to be memorable, after listening to the final speech at "The Top-ping Spirit Restaurant", participants were encouraged to fill in a prepared giant cup of milk tea without any toppings as a way to leave a message to themselves and reflect on the changes after listening to inspiring talks.

ticket package

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