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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Clarit-e is a management consulting organization who partners with their clients to lead the execution of strategic process and system improvement initiatives. The team offers advisory services in Strategy, Project Management, Business Process Management, Change Management, and Business Analysis. Their clients include start-ups, small-medium enterprises, public companies, and government agencies across a myriad of industries such as legal, financial, accounting services, and management. They also partner with some brilliant leaders from technology companies.

After talking with the CEO to gain insights about the company's values and target audience, I started to work on reinforcing their branding with a clear brand blueprint and guidelines, together with additional design projects including the pitch deck, LinkedIn templates and customer value proposition brochure.

pitch deck mockup 11.png

Enabling Transformational Change

Based on their current brand identity and existing design materials, I found that there was a lack of clarity in their brand strategy which limited the desired deliverables of the business's values. The main challenge was to capture the essence of the brand, transform the insights about their audience into an impactful and clear visual style that would be the foundation for the development of their later design features. 

style guide brochure mockup_edited

Adopting the circle detail on the brand's logo, the story of Clarit-e was visualized as a transition from tradition to modernity through a strategic and innovative process that was presented by lines and circles. Inspired by the look and feel of the company’s workplace, the new visual style was established to have more progressive imagery expressing similar industrial and contemporary movements through color, typography, and graphics with an additional grain texture.


Veering away from the usual “men-in-suit” cooperative standard, the branding elements were elevated to bring simpler yet more impactful graphics, along with photography conveying a friendly collaboration and emphasizing mobility, representing “the new era” of working environments where changes are inevitable.

style guide mockup-01

Transforming the complex messages from a business point of view into simple layers of visuals that connect with the audience, I have created a series of design that meets the client's vision of simplicity and contemporality, helping them understand their internally cultural voice and expressing it visually with impactful images.

pitch deck mockup 9
pitch deck mockup 10
pitch deck mockup 5
pitch deck mockup 6
pitch deck mockup 2
pitch deck mockup 3
pitch deck mockup 4
pitch deck mockup 8

In addition to the scope of work, I also strategized and created infographics to promote their blogs on LinkedIn that aligned with the established brand guidelines, which resulted in an increase in online engagement, boosting more interaction with the audience and attracting traffic to the company's website.

infographic mockup

IsoMate App

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